Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

A Florida doctor, dressed up in a Captain America costume, was arrested at a bar for allegedly groping a woman.

Witnesses say Doctor Raymond Admacik approached the woman with a burrito in his pants, and made inappropriate comments.

Jill Fredrickson with the Melbourne Police Department says, "He approached her with a burrito...Everything else has been coming from witnesses that reporters have talked to with how he used the burrito."

She says when officers arrived at the scene they asked all the men in Captain America uniforms at the bar to take part in a line-up. That's when the woman pointed out her alleged harasser.

Fredrickson says after Dr. Admacik was taken to the police station, he tried to flush drugs down a toilet. An officer saw him do it, and stopped him.

Admacik faces battery, disorderly conduct and drug charges. He's been released on community supervision.

I'm really curious as to what kind of comments would be inappropriate when you have a burrito in your pants while dressed in a Captain America costume in a bar where that's apparently normal.

Besides, Captain America wouldn't need a burrito.
Tags: odd news

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