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Weekend of the funky

By now y'all know about the last week, and the rather complete emotional chainmill that it was. So I'll start with Saturday.
The morning was nice, and I made it to the studio just a few minutes late. I had brought just about all of the equipment, so the Explorer was full, and it was a pain in the ass to get everything set up (had to borrow a couple of light stands from the station because I have more lights than stands). Of course, during this time the first band was setting up (Blonde Faith), and aside from all the video setup, we had to deal with resetting all of the lighting that the station had snagged. And we blew two different breakers in the process, which was a bitch as the station keeps the breaker panels locked. What a tremendously stupid idea.

So we started a little late, but we finally got everything worked out: Four fog machines, four cameras, all the sound equipment including a remote mixer/multitrack. One of the cameras was on a jib arm/dolly, two were handheld. Mine was the only one on a tripod. And we had dancers. Choreographed.
A total of three bands: Blonde Faith, Hot Rod Hearse, and Vessel. And they were all freaking fantastic bands.
And really once we got rolling, everything went super-smooth. Brian rocked at putting everything together and making sure the bands were taken care of, and the crew were like a well-oiled machine. It was awesome and fun, and it was the best possible thing I could have done over the weekend.
There was also some affectionate rubbing and backrub-sharing happening, of which I was a very happy participant.

After the shoot, we dragged ourselves over to Thom & Sheryl's for some post-shoot festivities and prep for Sunday. Everyone was really high from the energy of the shooting day, and in a really good mood. We watched some of the produced episodes we had recently shot and agreed on some technical problems (primarily sound) that need to be fixed. The issue is an ugly one, as we are currently only using one boom microphone, and it is extraordinary difficult to set up without casting a shadow. The obvious solution (use more microphones) is not quite so easy, as the equipment is expensive. If I had an unlimited budget, I could solve the problem easily, but it would be around the price of a new car. But solving problems on a budget is one thing I do well, and that brings us to Sunday.

The luxury of shooting a single episode instead of two or more was wonderful. We actually had time to do things like multiple takes and wild sound, and do a few more elaborate things with the shooting. We also had a set full of scantily-clad goth chicks (vampires in the script, but basically a lot of scantily-clad goth chicks), which did not in any way make me suffer. Did I mention the scantily-clad part? It was yummy. I also got some more cuddling and rubbing. I like this job.

And the shooting went well again. We are at the point where we have pretty clearly defined roles, many of which overlap, but we have a group of capable people that love doing it, and the energy is showing in the episodes. The writing is better, the acting is better, everything is improving. I don't think we're exactly ready for prime-time yet, but we're damn close. And really, if we had a dedicated studio and could take the time, we would be there in short order. So now we have three people who could make very good use of a dedicated studio compound.

And we even finished early, despite adding a couple of extras, and had a quick outing to Buffalo Wild Wings. Where I crashed. After riding high on performance adrenaline, it was suddenly done, and I was bone tired. So, home to power-nap.

And then a wake-up to pizza and a game of chess with Barb, which I won despite being rusty as hell. I don't think I've played chess in three years, but some things came back quickly. I remember at one point several years ago where I made a decision to take a more agressive stance in chess, and my game has improved significantly.

And to the computer, where I got caught up on many days worth of e-mail and Livejournal posts, all while catching an X-files episode that I hadn't seen before.

Tomorrow is Monday. I have a possible phone interview in the morning. I plan to sleep in for the first time in a couple of weeks, which should be a much-needed rest. And the studio needs a major cleaning and organizing.

Job stuff is weird. I'm thinking I want to take at least a week off to re-establish myself. I am feeling tremendously out of balance at this point, and I'd like to get some of that back.

And I have mousies again.

So now off to bed. And new opportunities.

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