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I got my booty shot...

More work on the facade last night, but almost all in the virtual world. Essentially kitting and assembling pieces in my head to figure out how they go together so I could figure out where to make the trims and all. And it's not entirely in my head, it's on the computer in CAD land so I can make the necessary adjustments in realtime.

Nice bits from that, really. Showed me that I need to make four pieces and not three as I had originally thought, and means that I have to plan for a bit of twaddle in assembling the whole thing so the seams don't show.

Barb called last night, and offered to help in any way she could from KCMO, which is essentially none. She did offer to come up and help paint if necessary, which was pretty nice, but hopefully not necessary. That drive is a righteous bitch for just a weekend.

I'm debating buying a foam cutter. Uline has a hot knife for foam, but it's a kind of spendy chunk for what is really a pretty simple tool, and I could probably do better by making a hot-wire table cutter that would allow me to make long straight cuts in large sheets. I did make a hand-held hot-wire cutter way back in 2002 for the facade back then, and it actually got quite a bit of use for various projects from costumes to the Guardian of Forever to art projects... and it was really a kludge job from the beginning, never meaning to be anything but a one-off use thing.

This facade though has a lot of straight cuts that really need to be guided. I can probably just use a razor knife and a wallboard square, but that becomes tedious because it takes several passes. The handheld hot knife would probably allow for more ease, but I'd risk not-square edges, which is the real advantage of a table cutter.

What I really need is a CNC mill capable of 4x8 foot sheets. That would be awesome.

Yeah. In my spare time.

I also realized that I need to make some molds this weekend, assuming that I can find the stuff that I need to cast. Pretty sure I know where most of it is, and I know I have some silicone left from the movie.

Gonna be a busy weekend. So I had to leave you with this:

The Zombie Peep Bunny Army

And hey, did you ever wonder what company makes the video peep show booths for porn? It's Videotel!
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