Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

It being Monday, I forget what the hell I did yesterday.
Saturday I remember. I did the front step repair, and eventually picked up Artemis and headed up to Casa de Bruno for some socializing with rum and karaoke, Bullshit and DEBS.

Sunday... well, I know there was a nap involved. And I remember grocery shopping. I watched "Children of Men" on DVD. There was cat petting.

Somehow I ended up major-league fatigued this morning, enough that I slept through a half-hour of my alarm clock beeping.

I still need to finish the front steps by coating the raw 'crete with a sealer. I've been keeping it covered and damp; concrete doesn't dry, it cures and needs to be kept moist during that time or it weakens. The sealer is more of a surface preparation to help keep microfractures from absorbing water and freezing and making bigger cracks.

See, now you've learned something.


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