Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Got a good chunk done yesterday. Discovered something that was originally a mistake, but turned out to be a blessing.

The difficulty in taking something that is "real" and having to modify it for the practical purposes of not only fitting into a limited space, but being able to withstand the traffic of thousands of people walking through it over the course of a weekend is not a small thing; combine that with the need for it to be assembled on-site with very limited tools and it's an interesting set of problems to deal with.
Since it's being constructed in my living room, it also has to be created in such a way that it can be taken out the front door. The good bit is that also forces it to be able to fit through doorways in the hotel, so that is a bonus.

Last night was the first of the gluing, primarily because I had a number of pieces cut out and I needed the space to continue building. With these pieces assembled, I can move then to the staging area (AKA dining room).

Tonight the fun continues. If you're interested in helping, I could use some people who can read paper plans, measure, and make straight cuts.
Tags: facade

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