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Haircut today. It was getting to be time for one, as my hair was getting into the 'permanently unkempt' phase, and I resisted shaving my head for a long time. It's not shaved, but it is short. It's also still thinking it's unruly, but it will settle down by tomorrow.

Also stopped by Gander Mountain to pick up some specialty fishing tackle. Since I don't go fishing, I'll bet you're wondering what it's for.


60 ft. of .018 bare stainless steel wire
90 feet of .028 nylon-coated stainless steel wire (the .028 is the total diameter)
A couple hundred wire leader connector sleeves (think small carbon-steel tubes)
20 small ball-bearing swivels

Bear in mind that I also got my MPJA shipment, which has a bunch of small gear motors and a power supply. And my shipment of Dragon Skin from Smooth-On.

And I have several skeletons. And a lathe.

And a rather serious industrial shop-vac that can in the vernacular suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

This is gonna be a fun winter.

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