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It was an odd weekend.

I did not do the things that I was expecting to do, partly because of a touch of sick all the way through the weekend. I suspect that I am in a weakened state because of the latest change in medication sapping my energy. I did have one major spurt of energy on Saturday night, so my backyard is now in a relatively clean state and I have a baby fireplace (you know, for burning babies) which will probably go away before too long.

Having some trust issues again. All of my interpersonal interactions are now through a veil, behind a wall of "behaving", where I do not feel free to be who I am. This is really an untenable situation, and is likely going to break in a nasty way, probably soon.

There was a spider in the bathroom this morning. Big-ass spider, probably the diameter of a 50-cent piece (that's bigger than a quarter for those of you monetarily-impaired folk). I debated whether to capture the spider and take it outside since I'm not overly fond of spiders in general, but I ended up talking to it and telling it to eat some moths, and I left it there in the bathroom. I'm not sure why, but for some reason it felt right.

Tags: navel gazing

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