Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Started off with having to have a fasting lab panel this morning, so nothing to eat since midnight. Got in the 'Sploder and hit 35W south. Big mistake, as right after I got on there, there was an accident in the crosstown commons that brought traffic to a standstill. Twenty minutes to go a mile.

So, late to the clinic.

Get to the clinic, and some batshit lady with a huge Caddy SUV (parked in a handicapped spot) was backing out of the parking spot, stopped completely blocking the access to the rest of the parking lot, and started beeping her horn. I was trying to figure out what she was beeping at, and I finally realized that she was beeping at the empty handicapped transfer van that was parked in front of the doors (because the handicapped parking places were filled). She would back up a few inches, beep the horn, back up a few more inches, beep the horn.

Five minutes. I nearly got out of the 'Sploder to guide her back so she could actually get the hell out of my way, but I was afraid she'd run me over, and she finally managed to make her way out.

So I got to my lab appointment something like 20 minutes late. They got me in pretty quickly, sucked the blood out of my veins and let me go. Back on the freeway, trying to exit onto 494 with a jerk who was absolutely convinced that the on-ramp was two lanes wide.

Made it to work a half-hour late. And today is my annual review.

Now I'm just trying to calm down.

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