Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dream last night where I was at a Halloween party that was at something like a cross between a hotel and a dormitory. The host of the party was pissed off at me for some reason and was performing some sort of a ritual to curse me but he had no clue what he was doing (think Stan Smith from American Dad). I got up and went for a walk, and as I was walking by the "haunted" room, the door opened. I was expecting a demonized version of Marilyn Manson to come out, but it turned out to be a rather attractive woman dressed like a Greek goddess. I remarked to her that I was expecting some sort of a monster, but she was actually very pleasant; she took it as a compliment and we went back to the lobby where the Stan Smith dude was still trying his ritual.

She and I hit it off, and there was some making out; she whispered to me "okay, but I'm leaving my sandals on", and we headed off to my room. And there was some fabulous sex. And she took off her sandals.

She woke up in the morning and freaked. I tried to calm her down, but she was telling me "you don't understand", and she unfolded her wings.

She was a demon. And because she had spent the night and taken off her sandals, the entire room had been sucked into a hell portal, and we were trapped. Outside the door was a vast expanse of fire and flying creatures.

And I had to pee.

I remember admiring her wings and telling her how beautiful she was.

Pretty sure I woke up at that point, thinking that would make an awesome movie, and I wanted to find out how I/she escaped.
Tags: dream

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