Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Today's been a lot of waiting for other people to fix stuff.

Code update broke the build. Nothing works. Or rather, I can't create a working core project.

OS update broke the licenses. I can't update the machines for validation because we can't authorize any of them.

Theoretically, we start final validation next week.

So, stress at work.

Facade is behind schedule by a little over two weeks. I have painting scheduled for Saturday, and I still have to get pieces assembled and the joints filled.

So, stress at home.

Facade needs to be wrapped for delivery for the 4th of July, which is the start of my CON vacation. There are still pieces of it that I haven't started yet, other than ordering the stuff that I need to make it, one piece I don't even know will work yet. These aren't critical pieces, but they're "extras" that I really want to have done.

So really, my time is full-on between now and the evening of the 4th of July. Then there's the convention, which I am also working... so realistically, I don't get to relax until that Saturday night.

Then there's the fabulous knowledge that because of some delays, my scheduled vacation is happening during the validation crunch time. The PM isn't fully aware of that, though my manager is. We've already had our available time reduced by something like 20 percent, so I'm pretty sure he'd try to cancel my vacation time, which has been scheduled well in advance. Not gonna happen.

But Great Hortense's Bunions, I need some serious downtime.

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