Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Last night I finished cutting the trim pieces that I missed the first time 'round, and pretty much glued them all in place. That alone took a couple of hours, and I have gone through eight LARGE (28 oz.) tubes of PL300; that's a couple of gallons worth of adhesive. I had originally planned on seven, so I'm not too far off. Unfortunately, some of that has gone onto my floor and other bits of marmot-life, including the dog and the cat.

Still to-do:

  • Accessory pieces for the interior

  • Artwork on the portal trim panels

  • Filling and sanding

  • Detail work on the things that shall remain nameless (routing and carving)

  • Accessory pieces for the things that shall remain nameless

  • Priming

  • Base coat painting

  • Detail painting

  • Flame retardant

  • Extras

This doesn't count the stuff that I still have to do that's not for the facade.

Tags: facade

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