Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Well, a little disappointing. Because of the time constraints, I've had to cut back on a lot of stuff that I wanted to do, particularly in the realm of "extras". I haven't let on as to what those are very much, primarily because I didn't know if I'd have time to do them the way that I wanted to. And as it turns out, I'm not going to have time. So backing off on yet another facet of cool, I'm trying to figure out a quicker way of doing something similar. Not quite the effect that I wanted, but more than expected.

I really hate to let the extras go like that. I've already had to cut a number of things that I really wanted to do.

The whole facade design has gone through a series of reductions from the initial concept:
first, constraints of space-- it's really hard to have a sense of grandeur and scale in the space that's available, the doorway needs to have a certain minimum clearance, it can't interfere with the other people who use the space (volunteers, masquerade, concessions, etc.), we can't do anything that in any way has teh potential for damage, things like that.
Second, constraints of time-- this takes a bloody lot of work to design and build, and though I've been able to farm out small bits here and there, I've been the overwhelming contributant, and have breathed in and ingested so much polystyrene that I shit plastic.
Then there are the constraints of the sprinkler system and the fire marshall-- no real comment there, because I know it's all for the sake of safety, but it's something that clearly needs to be designed in up front.
Practical/social constraints, like the possibility of making something "too scary" (yes, I had to consider this).
And then there's budget, which is a constraining factor pretty much every year. Am I over budget? Oh, my, yes. And what I am over is considered to be a contribution. I'm fine with that, because not only do I want to put on a good show, parts of this are things that are from my personal collection.
Assemblability: it has to be something that can fit through doorways, be handled by a minimum number of people, and put together quickly in the space.
Disposability: ultimately, it's something that is going to be destroyed at the end of the convention. As much as I'd like to keep it, I have no place to put it, ya know?

All in all, it's probably about half of what I wanted to do originally.

In the future, I think there really needs to be a committed build team. Specialize in certain parts of the design, construction, and detailing. That would make things considerably easier.

We learn as we go.

So yeah, bummed.
Tags: facade

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