Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

First, Melissa came over at about 5-ish, and I put her to work sanding the bits that needed to be sanded, which freed me up to cut the remaining pieces that needed cutting, and I actually got to start gluing them in place. Then I got some additional gluing and cutting done that I wasn't expecting to, and Artemis came over with the homerwork I had given her (sadly unfinished because of really bad tendonitis), so I decided to bring it with as we headed on up to Casa De Bruno for some gaming.

I spent the night sort of absorbed in the rather tedious work of cutting out stencils on foam, but I not only managed to finish the stuff I had tried to foist off on Artemis, I managed to finish the transom lettering as well. That was really kind of unexpected, and very exciting because I suddenly realized that that means tomorrow will not only finish the construction, but will allow the first day of painting, for reals. Not everything, but six of the eight pieces will be ready for priming tomorrow, and its possible that the remaining two will be ready by evening. Lots of perk-up based on the progress today.
Tags: facade

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