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I have a week left before the facade gets packed up and delivered to the convention. A week.
Tonight must be the last of the gluey bits.
Wednesday we put on the primer. Sorry misstage, there's no way I can pull it off.
Thursday is the theatrical premiere of Pray for Daylight. Not much can be done, as that will take up the significant part of the evening. Anything left over will be prep for Friday.
Friday night is base coat.
Saturday is detail painting and the making of the things that go bump in the nightmares.
Sunday is further detailing and the continuation of the creepy things, as well as bringing everything inside.
Monday night calls for rain, so inside work-- probably finishing creepy things.
Tuesday is a backup night for any last-minute things.
Wednesday is packing up and wrapping the beast.

I also have some other projects that have to happen in this time as well. And prepping/packing for the con, making sure that I have what I need for the Masquerade and all.

I can do this. Really.
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