Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Crashed out early last night, then woke up to try and finish a side project needed for CONvergence that was not facade-related-- yes, there is other stuff at the con-- and went back to bed after that.

Woke up a little while ago with a hankerin' for some watermelon that was in the 'fridge, so I devoured a chunk o' melon while perusing the interfloss to see where the short-attention-span of the world would take me this morning. I have determined that there are not enough stories about nekkid chicks and booze.

I've missed a lot of fun over this past couple of weeks. Hope I'll be able to make it up afterwards, but after some sleep.

Odd thing: sex drive is completely gone. Maybe it's not that odd considering the stress level as of late, but it feels odd. I don't want it to be gone; it's like missing an old rowdy college friend of whom I was very fond.

Back to bed now.

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