Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

So I felt mostly appreciated this weekend. Mostly.

The facade was a pretty big hit, as far as I could tell. I received a lot of personal comments on it, and I overheard some people talking about it who didn't know me, so that was cool. I heard no negative comments whatsoever.

I kissed more women than men. Turns out davedujour is a pretty good kisser (it was his birthday, there was alcohol), but overall my affectionate romping was severely curtailed by the need for sleep.

Saturday was spent almost entirely with masquerade tech, which meant I missed the Emily Hagins movie Pathogen where she talked about it. What made up for that was that she gave me a DVD (signed) in exchange for a bootleg copy of Pray for Daylight, so I'm happy.

Masquerade sound went off with nary a hitch, but for one massive glitch to my computer sometime during the Soylent Theater half-time show which completely renamed all of the sound files to things like 01 01 01 01 Track 1 (1), which completely erased their meaning to me so I was unable to pull them up under the awards portion. I think it may be time to reformat the laptop.

Saturday night-- the wild party night-- I was asleep. I spent the vast portion of the convention exhausted.

(Honestly, that worries me a little. I'm here at work today feeling like I could just zonk out-- I think it's the medication. I shouldn't be this tired. I've even lost a lot of my desire to be playful, which is the scariest part.)

I might have made a couple of connections though. Possibly building facades for some other places-- we'll see how that goes. The house is a disaster area: pretty much the main floor is littered with detritus from bits of foam to plastic shavings to dollops of glue. there are tools everywhere, paint, silicone, wires... it's gonna take some time to dig out.

But tonight, I might just sleep.
Tags: convergence, facade

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