Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Location shoot yesterday for HI. Much happiness was had, as I was the master of lighting, and we had a beautiful shower scene, and since I had to take special care with the lighting, I was one of the two people on the closed set. There is something about being in close proximity to an attractive naked woman and having to spray her with a water bottle that would just seem to be a good thing. Of course the reality is that it is a lot of work, and because I'm concentrating so much on lighting and making the shot look good, it isn't sexy at all. The shot is sexy, but there is no way to appreciate the beauty of the lovely lady at the time.
And actually, I'm okay with that.
The peep booth was a big hit. It worked better than expected, and the lighting design I worked up for it actually drew comparisons to Kubrick. And a few other shots we did came across really well.
There is a freedom to location shooting within the Horror Inc. paradigm. The studio is constrained mainly because of time, so we don't get to explore a lot of camera angles and more interesting shots that we get to do when we have a location shoot. It allows for a richness that we wouldn't otherwise get.
This season in particular is really coming together. There are still some technical issues that we have to deal with, but for a no-budget show, we have some incredible stuff happening.
And it's because we have a good crew of dedicated people. And that is the most amazing thing of all. It's a great crew to work with, and I'm really happy to have a pretty regular gig doing it.

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