Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

magicmarmot: current
outfit: Shorts. Just came in from walkies.
makeup: A light blush and some sexy mascara.
mood: Jaundiced.
music: None.
taste: Ginger.
hair: Sweaty.
annoyance: Sweaty hair.
smell: Old trash
should be doing: taking out the old trash
desktop picture: Haunted house
favorite artist: Don't know.
favorite group: Don't know. VAST?
book: Vampire short stories
CD: None. My MP3 player died
movie in VCR/DVD player: The ButterFly Effect. Barb must have watched it while she was here.
color of toenails: I think there's still facade paint on them.
refreshment: Ginger ale.
worry: No worry, be happy
crush: ice
celebrity: Meh.

: last
touched: Sadie
talked to: Sadie
hugged: Somebody at the con
IMed: Bill
kissed: Artemis
yelled at: Sadie
Tags: meme

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