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Pretty much crashed out by 9:00 last night. I did take sweetiepooches for a walk (which she was very happy with) and determined the wiring on a motor, but besides that I really did nothing of note. And let me tell you, it felt really weird.

AT some time I need to write a detailed FAQ on the facade-- basically what design issues there are, drawings and measurements of the space, and all that.

But first, a small break from NEEDTODOSOMETHINGNOW.

Okay, I NEED to clean up some stuff. The kitchen is pretty scary. My bedroom is not technically uninhabitable, but it's uncomfortably close. The living room and dining room are... well, "occupied" with the detritus of last-minute building of stuff. Even the Bathroom of the Elder Gods is the worse for wear. But realistically, there is no looming deadline for this stuff, so I can relax in doing it.

Never thought I'd think of cleaning as relaxing.

Detail work is probably going to involve the finding of the tools that are scattered about, collecting them together, and putting them in their respective basement hidey-holes. Likewise with the paint, glue, and various chemicals which have inundated my life lately.

Then there's the removal of the glue and... other stuff... from the living room floor.

I haven't even come close to the driveway yet. It's pretty much painted now. Lots of different shades of gray, the occasional bit of primer red, and goo. I'm not really sure how to handle that, and I may just leave it alone. It's eventually going away anyway.

Facade pictures need to go up as well for those of you who have been patiently waiting to see. I think I finally have them all downloaded from the camera. I will get to them, I promise. vorrant may have some up before I do though.

Edit: indeed he does.

His first-round convergence pix are up on his flickr site.
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