Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Interesting discussion that I heard on the radio just now:

Do women and men have different concepts of love?

The arguing point is that women have more of this concept of "romantic" love, more shaped like the TV/Movie vision of love, where men are more oriented toward comfort.

Therefore, when a man says "I Love You" it means something inherently different than when a woman says it.

Realistically, I don't buy into that completely, because I think that "I Love You" means different things to different people in different situations, even inherently limited to the context of relationships. Yes, we all know that saying "I Love You" to your mom means something different than when you say it to your spouse/sig. other.

I don't think that there is enough generality to say that men are more about the comfort and women are more about the romance, though there are probably statistical trends that way. I think age probably has a lot more to do with it: when you're younger, you believe more in the Love Fairy, the True Love, the Soulmate, and as you get older, you become more cynical and are more willing to broaden your horizons.

Of course, everyone is different, but there's a massive amount of generalization here.

How much does it matter to you?
Tags: relationshipship
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