Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Sadie is very fluffy today, she always is the day after a bath. I brushed her some this morning to get out some of the extra fur, but I think I need either a deeper brush or more hands to do it because the brush fills up in seconds. She is very sweet about getting a bath though; I think it's like getting petted a lot, so she's very cooperative.

Saturday is right full up with post-convergence stuff.

Paid off a long-standing debt today. I think that means I have one thing left to pay before I'm completely caught up everywhere, and I'm socking away a good chunk of money each week. Hopefully this will allow me to work toward my goals better. Downside is that my saving-for-the-HVX200 fund is back to square one, but I think it puts me in a more solid place from whence to commence.

Started the refi ball rolling today. My target payments are a tiny bit higher than I wanted, but livable, particularly because it kills off all the other loans, and because I can have it automatically deducted weekly on paycheck day. That makes things like credit rating go much better. It also means that aside from the mortgage and regular bills, I will be debt-free.

(Slight bump here-- had to go to a higher interest rate, so the monthly payments are still larger. Suck, but not horrible.)

The refi doesn't cover everything that I wanted to get, but I was expecting that. I'll still have to do a chunk of the work myself, including building most of the garage. Consider it sweat equity. I'll have someone else come in and do the concrete removal, pour the new footings and pad and all that happy stuff, perhaps even the core framing and external sheathing and roofing.

I won't be able to get a new vehicle. And I won't be self-financing any films in the near future.

It's not the best of places, it's not the worst of places. It lets me leverage some of my know-how while still letting me get some stuff done that I can't do by myself.

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