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On a good note, the building inspector signed off on the framing first time through, but left a note asking me to call him about the slab.

The only thing I can think of is that he thought that I poured the slab. I called and left a message that this was the original slab and the foundation walls were built up to it while it was sort of floating in midair. Haven't heard back, so I'm hoping this was the issue.

Problem is I'm not sure where to go next. I really should do the electrical, but I don't have the permit pulled yet, and I need to put in a new service panel first. I'm thinking I can route empty 3/4" flex-conduit in the walls and have the boxes in place to do the insulation step which is within this permit's scope, and then pull the actual wires through later. I'd of course take plenty of pictures.

And I still have to go to Building Materials Outlet this Saturday. Doors and windows.

Then there's the front steps. I can replace them within this permit. I should replace them. But it means pulling out the old steps and digging new footings and a boatload of more concrete work. I'm thinking I might just let it go and if I need to pull a new permit next year. This year if I can just get past the insulation/sheetrocking/finishing, it will be a happy.
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