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Off to the races with the porch. But where to begin?

The next official step is insulation, but realistically I need to add a smidge of decorative concrete work to the bottom of the wall that is actually in contact with the ground. I could in theory do it in stone, but just offhand I'd think that hauling a lot of big-ass rocks around doesn't seem like one of my favorite activities. With the concrete, I can create some forms that are something a bit more than just flat, and I can add dye to the concrete to give it some interesting color. I don't want to go too insane with it, as it's got to look sturdy and stoic and not clash with the eventual design scheme, so I'll probably go for a darker slate-gray color.

The idea is that any siding needs to terminate above ground level to avoid moisture wicking up inside and causing rot or mold issues. What would be exposed now is ugly concrete block, and I'd rather have something more sightly. Pink foam doesn't cut it, but I can use the pink foam to create the decorative elements, since I now have a whole lot of experience with foam and a router.

Really I could just wing it with straight-up foam, no carving. And I might do exactly that. Or I may get really funky and install PVC pipe in the base with periodic outlets so that I can attach a fog machine on the inside and come Halloween have fog rolling from the base of the porch. That does seem like something I might want to do.

I draw the line at digging a grave in the front yard though.


It would have to be a dry well. You know, for drainage of rainwater runoff. If it happened to look like an open grave, that would just be coincidental.

Okay, back to the embedded PVC. Yes it's allowed. Yes it works. I don't know if I'll actually do it or not, but I'm leaning toward it right now. For one, it means less concrete.

And now I'm off to see the wizard. Or perhaps I'm just off.
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