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Just spent a chunk o' change at BMO. $1250 to be precise-ish, but what I came away with was not only a front entry door, but the entire door/sidepanel set with some really nice decorative beveled glass, but the energy-efficient metal frame and all, as well as a set of energy-efficient patio doors for upstairs-- all Pella (which I really like). Bought new, they would have come to around $4500. The downside is that I'm gonna need some help getting these things moved into place; they are freakin' heavy. Just maneuvering them off the trailer in this heat was a right bitch, but they are now happily resting on some styrofoam scraps.

I'm gonna have to modify the front of the porch a bit to take the new luxury door set, but I'll happily do that little thing.

Didn't get the windows, though they had an entire warehouse full of Pella windows. What they didn't have were the sizes I need. They had some that were within a handful of inches, and I'm gonna look at what the difference in price would be between ordering them (stock) and re-framing. I'm betting that the stock windows aren't that much more, but it's easy to find out.

Now to go pick up insulation.
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