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Mild crankosaur today.

Last few days of validation, and there are bugs that just will not be killed. This is due to the really really bad initial software that we're building on: it was never really designed as much as it evolved over a period of 20 years with new features and new bits here and there. It's a mess, really.
The development team is 100% behind wanting to do a complete redesign, starting from essentially scratch by defining what the software does, determining what it's supposed to do, and so on. That is unfortunately a huge process, and it's unlikely that management will buy into the time it will take to do it. They sort of have the mindset that "since what we have works, we don't need to change it".

I think I might try to present it to them like a car, like right now we've got a 1987 Geo Metro that over the last 20 years has been modified, cut apart, and added on to until now it's the capacity of a 33-passenger school bus. Replacement parts are expensive because they're all custom. Making more design changes is difficult because every time you cut the thing apart and add something new, it weakens the welds a little more.

I don't know. I need something to make it crisp and clean and easy to understand.
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