Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Been a busy weekend.

Long-time friend Joey-jo-jo-Shabbadoo came up from Austin om Friday to do a Steadicam workshop and crash at the Big Broken Box™. Mornings have been early, as the workshop starts at 8:00, so it was up by 7 both days. Of course, I did get some napping in so all was not lost for a lazy weekend.

Okay, I did manage to see two Finger Festival shows.

As comfortable as I should have expected from a show with "fist" in the title.
I went to see the show because Artemis was in it. And I did a voiceover bit. It was cute, but not a barn-burner.

Funnier than Sunday Service.
For some reason I was expecting more gay pirate jokes. Vilification Tennis is the live-theater equivalent of a popcorn-burner: it's purpose is to entertain, there is no great depth of premise or heavy emotional burden laid on the audience. It's a framework designed to hurl insults at each other. All in lovely fun, and that is probably the keyword here: fun.

And hot chicks in short skirts. That's never a burden.

(Or if you swing that way, there are men in tennis whites as well. I think I counted nine, though one of them may have been a busboy.)

Verily exhausted. Thinking of daytripping to 'Nards to pick up porch supplies. Also thinking of napping and cuddling with the pooch. Right now Napping is winning.

Tags: fringe

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