Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Like restlessly clogging the tinklepods.

Stuck at work, trying to put together a report from TrackWEB, but for some reason my access got hosed so I can no longer create new queries or generate reports, or export existing queries. Which is exactly what I need to do right now.

So yeah. Clever. Can't do, so now I must teach.

Sweatwork tonight, I think. Je te possible that I may do some pre-drilling of things inside, specifically the electrical boxes to fit the PVC terminators into, since I didn't want to spend ten times the money on pre-drilled boxes.

There is also the noof that I should have pre-drilled holes in the studs before I assembled the walls. Sheboygan, sheboggan, it's still drilling, just more of a PITA.

(Yes, I know, drilling holes in studs being a pain in the ass has ramifications of gay jokes all over it. Somebody restrain croonerboy.)

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