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Went to Home Despot to check out right angle drills. Because I'm drilling through quite a few sections of 2x6, I splurged and got the hellaciously powered one (up to 8A, figuring about 3HP). I'm glad I did, because holy crap, is this stuff hard.

Got through about a third of the conduit holes, burning through two 1-1/8" spade bits in the process. I'll be able to sharpen them again, but this is just drilling through normal pine studs and plywood. And I haven't even started trying to drill through the concrete yet. I do have a hammer drill, but we're talking something like 8 inches of masonry wall, and I only have one 1" bit that's long enough to make it through, then I have to find some way to enlarge the hole to fit the ENT conduit. It may work just by redrilling the hole over and over, but I suppose I'll find out.

Tired now.

Still have to reframe the door. Need to work a channel for the conduit into the framing beforehand.
Tags: Big Broken Box™

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