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Follow-up to the apnea study from a few weeks ago, I am now officially diagnosed with sleep apnea. Couple of days and I get fitted with a sexy new autotitrating CPAP machine. Soon I shall be sounding like Darth Vader while I sleep. Darth Marmot?

Home equity loan-- looks like I got a better interest rate (apparently having a regular payment history is a good thing) so buying off the previous loan was a smashing idea. Same deal with auto-payments: the credit union likes them, I like them, it's good all around. With auto payments, they pay the closing costs.

And they are having a credit-union-specific car sale coming up in mid-September. I'm hesitant as all hell to take out a car loan, but I've known the 'Sploder is nearing terminus for a while. I can keep fixing it, but sooner or later it's gonna reach issues that are beyond my abilities.

Consarn it. I should probably wait until after I can refinance the house and have something significant socked away for a down payment. Razzinfrazzin...

Toodoo: gotta trim the jungle that's taken over the backside of pimpland. Lots of weeds have overgrown, and the city is on my ass again. I did move the Styrofoam sheets onto the porch, and the old door that was protecting the fence from the firepit into the dumpsterbag, but I still have to move some of the cinderblocks to a better place. I really should build a secondary shed so my yard looks even more white-trash. I could even cover it with tarpaper!

Sun's coming out. Something must be afoot!



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Aug. 21st, 2007 10:34 pm (UTC)
I have Sleep Apnea. I use the mouth-guard to treat it. It does a fairly good job, as my last sleep study showed. Even with the apnea controlled, I still have Hypersomnia for which I take Provigil. I had Concerta but I did not like the risks and long-term effects of amphetamine type derivatives. However, I believe it did work a little better than the Provigil. But, Provigil is not a schedule II drug, so I can mail order 90 day supplies.
Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
I am actually getting tested for apnea in about a week.

Laurel says I'll go for 20 seconds without breathing, and then sound like I'm fighting to get breath in.

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