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Something like 45,000 people are expected to attend Burning Man this year. Jeebus, that's a lot of people-- too many, really. I mean, just think of the amount of shit that 45,000 people will generate in a week. That's one massive shitpile.

So I'm thinking that there needs to be something new. And I have an idea of such brilliance that it is amazing that you can't see the shine from where you are.

Tubbin' Marmot!

It's just like Burning Man, except it doesn't take place in the desert, there won't be 45,000 people, and there will be a hot tub instead of a fire. Attendance will be limited to 8 or so, depending on how many people I can fit in the hot tub. And it will probably have to wait until I actually have a hot tub, so this year is right out, unless there are enough people that want to stand around naked spraying each other with the garden hose.

I'm thinking that late August is probably a bad time as well, considering summer in Minneapolis. Early September might be even better, maybe like Labor Day weekend. Or if I can actually do something like a three-season patio, later in the fall when a fire pit might be a nicey-nice. Octember. There could even be warm-pudding wrestling!

Oh come on, you know you wanna.
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