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If you haven't heard of Michael Vick by now, you probably live under a rock.

Vick's plea agreement has centered around his firm denial of actually gambling on the dogfights. Yes, he bankrolled the operation, and hes he helped kill the dogs that "didn't measure up", but that he never actually profited from the dogfighting operation.

Vick also was involved with the others in killing six to eight dogs that did not perform well in testing sessions in April. The dogs were executed by drowning or hanging.

The thing that gets me the most about this is that he seems to believe that the most heinous actions, the ones that have caused him to be suspended from the NFL and lose his lucrative contracts was the gambling. The killing of the dogs was nothing but a property crime.

Okay, from a legal sense, that is true. And perhaps it is his legal defense team that is trying to spin this into something that might be able to salvage some part of his pro football career and the multimillion dollar contracts he has signed with various agencies (Nike dropped his ass like a syphillitic potato).

But it sure comes across like he doesn't get the heinous nature of what he did. He freakin' bankrolled a kennel designed specifically for dogfighting, for breeding dogs specifically for fighting, and had a direct hand in killing the dogs that didn't live up to scratch, and doing it by torturing them. This is not someone who was an uninvolved investor, this is someone who took an active role in the operations.

And if I take it at face value that he didn't do it to profit, I have to think that he did it because he liked it.

This is one of those cases when I think that cruel and unusual punishment might be entirely appropriate.
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