Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Odd. I just discovered I don't have a tag for massage.

Well, I do now.

I was just thinking how much I need a massage, partly from the muscle soreness associated with all the work-y stuff, but also partly because of the desire to just be touched. Not pounded, not sanded, but touched, caressed, reminded that my skin is a part of me.

It also reminds me that as part of the whole Big Broken Box™ rehab, I need to have a massage studio, or a room that can serve that purpose on a moment's notice. It's not all that easy, as there needs to be enough head and foot room to work around the table without having to scrunch.

Right now, the ADR Lounge is serving that purpose, but it's also serving as a guest bedroom and printer room. There is really too much stuff in there to make it comfortable.

I could conceivably pull out the futon, but then it would lose the guest bedroom status and I don't have another spare room that isn't being used for something (like holding a bunch of stuff). And having the futon in the ADR lounge makes it easy to sit and relax when doing ADR sessions.

It's a bit like a puzzle, trying to figure out what purpose to put to each space. The bathrooms and kitchen are pretty obvious, and they really won't change much. The dining room and living room are a bit more flexible, but not that much. There are two bedroom-ish rooms downstairs; one is currently my bedroom, the other is the Room Where No One Walks, which is currently storage but is in consideration for a studio control/media room/library.

Upstairs there is the Big Room (which is currently the studio space but is also full of crap), the midget bathroom, and the ADR Lounge. The midget bathroom will be expanded into the studio space some to become a new master bath, and the studio space will become a new master bedroom. I do have some wiggle room there to add another small room that could become a standalone ADR lounge, but there is also the nicety of having the entire upstairs being "business" space, physically isolated from the living space.
Tags: massage

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