Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Holy crap.

Saturday was spent shooting Horror Incorporated. One of the happier moments, lighting the strip club scene, complete with a "stripper". And I got to be in the front row audience. Hilarity ensues. The girl that was the stripper is an actress who I got to light (and spray water on) in a shower scene a few weeks earlier, and aside from being quite lovely, also happens to be very nice.

Saturday night we all went out to dinner, and I brought her flowers as a way of saying that I appreciate her willingness to get naked for the good of the show, and that I recognize and appreciate the conquering of nervousness and fear that goes with that. Apparently it was a good move. I got a big hug, and she was very happy.
Then at dinner (Buca, with wonderful Chicken Marsala), I was joking about Kristianne's winter purse, which is about the size of a volkswagen and made of fake fur. I mentioned thatif it ever got too cold, she could crawl inside it to keep warm. My actress friend tuned to me and said "Like her own personal TaunTaun".
Yes indeed, she is a geek. Much the happy, me.

After dinner, sleep. Blessed sleep.

Sunday was the next day, and was fairly uneventful. We actually finished shooting early, and since everyone else was so wiped out, I went home in time to collect Barb and head out to the Regal 20 to see Cabin Fever. It's not a must-see by any means, but if you are a hardcore horror fan (do you know what a Fake Shemp is?), you'll see it anyway and get most of the in-jokes.

Monday was crash day. Slept late, then got a call from Mark at athe Fright Farm-- something had come up and he needed some help making corpses. Like I'm gonna say no to that. So off I went and was there until somewhere around 2 AM working with Brian and Christian, a couple more haunt club friends. It was good. Then home and warmsoftbed.

Tuesday started off innocently enough with a phone job interview at 9 in the morning. The interview went pretty well, but there were several skills they were looking for that I didn't have. So it was nice but no holding of breath.
Lunch meeting with a mortgage guy. good meeting, but freaky turn of events dealing with a roofing contractor and some shady dealings.
As it turns out I didn't have to hold my breath for the job. They came back with an offer. The job is in Knoxville. Total contract is 38 days. ten of those are in knoxville, the rest I get to work at home. So I'm off to Knoxville for a week starting Monday. That's Tennesee for the geographically challenged.

Then off to the Fright Farm for more corpsing, and a near total collapse. Went home at around 7:00 and plowed my way into bed, where I lapsed into unconsciousness.

Only to wake several hours later. And that brings us here.

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