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What will you be caught red-handed doing?
You'll be caught ... Forging David Hasselhoff's signature (for obvious reasons)
'What will you be caught red-handed doing?' at

Second night on the machine started off bad, though not due to the machine, but more to allergies. There was coughing, and in the mask, that's not good. Happily, I have my secret stash of Claritin-D, and that made all the difference. After that kicked in, I had a night full of breathing, and woke up feeling a lot more "perky".

Okay, how much of that is the Claritin-D (2400 mg of pseudoephedrine time released over 24 hours is a little bit perkymachen) and how much is the machine? I don't know.

The second side effect has reared its ugly head as well. How to explain...

Okay, consider that the CPAP machine works by applying a small amount of pressure, sort of inflating your lungs like a balloon. And also consider that the pressure also invades your digestive tract over the many hours that you are connected. And then consider that the air has to go somewhere.


I will also mention in a totally unconnected fashion that a few days ago I made a hot pepper relish with Habanero, Serrano, and Jalapeno peppers, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. Quite yummy (in small doses), but I think I may call it my Ring of Fire relish for reasons best left up to the imagination.

However, it is Friday, and I have a rather nice four-day weekend coming up. Good weather means working on the porch, though likely Saturday will be oriented toward getting materials.

Some stuff I'm ordering online for shipment, like my special concrete admixtures. I'm a mad scientist of concrete! BWA-HAHAHAHAHA-HA!
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