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Wasted day today.

Went to 'Nards to purchase windows and some other materials for the porch. Made it to the checkout line, and my card was declined.

Consternation: my card shouldn't be declined, I have the money in my account. My fear is that someone has snarfed up my credit card number and drained my account, but it could just be the over-$5000 price tag.

As a test, I hit Burger King on the way home.



Make it home to find a message on my machine to call the Credit Card Security Services at this number. I call, and sure enough, the purchase price was so large that it was flagged and they shut down the card. Got that cleared up, got the card re-established as working.

Back to 'Nards. Get everything again, change a bit on the windows to a different type of screen (saving something like $1200 in the process) and hit the checkout line again.


Okay, this time I had the toll-free number with me and I called to find out why. In the process, I discovered something:

1.) The card has a limit of $1000 per purchase.
2.) The card has a limit of ten transactions in one day.
3.) A declined transaction still counts toward the ten.

So no matter what, I was screwed for the day.

All this took about four hours and about 60 miles on the 'Sploder.

Tags: Big Broken Box™

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