Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

First, anxiety dream about being in a play from college. Somehow the play was being remounted, and I had forgotten my part completely. I was trying to find a script so I could try and just refresh my memory, but to no avail. sybildiscontent was playing my daughter who was getting married, and no matter what I had to go on. Finally hit the stage, and I just went for it, dropped into a character, and played it solid. Turned out to be an amazing performance, but totally off-script, so everyone was pissed at me.

Second one was a vampire theme. A friend of mine was being haunted by a vampire (both women), and I had tried to hide her in the basement of what was more or less my parent's old cabin. The vampire found my friend and was trying to entice her through the basement window; I got righteously pissed, went outside and started to strangle the vampire, who began arguing with me, going through a bunch of shapeshifting, and finally ending up dead as a weasel. Unfortunately the dead weasel bit me, whereupon I bit it's face off, but was now using what was left of the dead weasel/vampire head to bite others to turn them into new vampires.

I could use some happy today.
Tags: dreams

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