Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Quite a batch of stuff happened yesterday that's kinda kept me on my toes.

First, I got home to find my delivery of Cabosil (technically Aerosil) and chopped fiberglass had arrived. In theory, the superplasticizer should be delivered within the next couple of days, and I can start experimenting with concrete admixtures. Some fun stuff, really.

Then luno stopped by to look at the Big Broken Box™ and all of the project-ness happening. Words to the effect of "wow, that's a lot of stuff to do" passed through his lips, but my worst fears (not being able to fit the fun vehicle through the yard) seem to be unfounded.

Got a phone call from a friend later in the evening, and it looks like I may be gaining a roommate, at least for a while. More on that later, perhaps.

Another friend had a bad week with a series of unfortunate events, the contemplation of divorce being one of them.

The check came for the insurance claim, or more appropriately, the "claim recovery packet" came. There's a whole process that has to happen with the insurance company lowballing, then the siding company negotiates, and so on... a PITA. Garrett is involved, and I'm not cashing the check just yet despite the instructions of the insurance company (cash the check before you select the contractor), as cashing the check can be construed as legal acceptance of the settlement. The total amount is less than half of the lowest siding estimate that I received when I was doing estimates, so I'm highly suspicious.

And today I found out that Monday I start on a project to design the software for a project that has already been sold and delivery promised for December, even though it hasn't been designed yet. In case you're wondering, I have an issue with that, and the Monday kickoff meeting will be interesting. At least buy me dinner first.

Today I'm trying to finish up the process review and recommendations. I am jaded.


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