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Your Score: Ravenous Brain

Your brains craves 66 % Exploration, 72 % Affiliation, 92 % Recreation and 91 % Sensation

Congratulations for attaining such a rare score!

We have determined that you have a Ravenous Brain. When it comes to craving stimulation your brain just can't get enough. It takes a little extra for you to feel content in all four dimensions because your brain wants it all. In fact there are some days where it can be difficult for your brain to feel fully stimulated.

Above Average Systems: Exploration, Affiliation, Recreation & Sensation

Our Exploration system helps us to organize our searching and learning behaviors. If you are trying to look for an object or new information then the Exploration system is helping you out. When it gets properly stimulated then you will feel emotions such as curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Our Affiliation system helps us to organize our bonding and connecting behaviors. If you are strengthening your relationship with someone then your Affiliation system is helping you out. When it gets properly stimulated you will feel that you are loved and that you belong.

Our Recreation system helps us to organize our playing, joking and goofing around behaviors. Whenever you are trying to play a game or let go from the stresses of the day your Recreation system is helping you out. When it gets properly activated you feel a sense of relaxed jubilation and carefree optimism.

Our Sensation system helps us to organize our sexual arousal and pleasure seeking behaviors. This is one of the smoothest running systems in the brain, easily capable of fading in the background as it operates. When it gets properly activated your can feel the chemistry between yourself and another person.

Secondary System: None, but you're great in bed.

Thank you for taking this test. You have the chance to scroll down to near the bottom of this page and give it a positive rating. Even one positive vote helps.

Link: The Optimal Stimulation Test written by alexandertru on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Today I feel like I was wrestling with a gorilla, which is actually pretty close considering last night's excursion into high-speed carpentry. Tonight if all goes well I'll be mounting last night's wood on the existing ceiling joists. This is teh point that I wish I had some drywall stilts, but it's probably better that I don't, because marmot-fall-down-go-boom from a higher place is not my idea of a fun time. It might be yours, but you might suck.

Discovery that the insurance on the house siding is only going to pay for the north and south sides but not the back where I added vinyl so long ago is a bit disconcerting, but not horrible. It does mean that I'm gonna have to either do it myself (again) or pay for somebody else to do it, and I'm already tight on money since the windows were a chunk extra from the original estimates (goddamn screens). Most likely I'll pay for the extra siding materials and do the work myself, as that section isn't particularly horrible to do and it would give me a chance to make some changes that I was unable to make last time because of the speed at which I needed to do it. So problem = opportunity.

I'm still a bit hesitant about depositing the check, as the amount still seems low. The process seems to be to deposit the check (which might involve an escrow account at the credit union, and I'm very cool with that), and if there is hidden damage, file a new claim with the insurance company.

Gutters are another issue. They need to be replaced; the original gutters are still on the house, 85 years old galvanized steel and repaired to within an inch of their lives. They've rusted through in a number of places, and aren't exactly leaf-proof. While I could do the gutters myself, I am a bit busy with other projects (duh!), and they'd be excellent to do at the same time as the siding. Estimate is about $800 to have somebody else do them with leaf-proof covers; that doesn't involve new fascia. That's my out-of-pocket expense and was wrapped into the home equity loan, but the added $1400 expense of the windows over the estimate chomped that right up. I still have enough to cover it, but it's pretty squeaky at this point. I could wait until next year when I will have some more cash available, but I could also do it myself next year and save some dough. It's a good weekend project, maybe two if I have to replace the fascia, which I won't know until I take the old gutters off. Then again, I already have a whole bunch of "weekend projects" that need to be done.

Concrete work: holy crap, it got cold enough to have patches of frost last night. That's too cold for curing concrete. There's gonna be even more cold over the weekend, then it will warm up a bit, but I don't know for how long. My window for pouring new concrete is closing rapidly, and might be better off delayed until spring. It wouldn't kill me to do that very thing really, but I still have to kill off the brick side panels on the front stoop that are... well, cracked would be far too mild of a word. Shattered might be more descriptive.


Kinda like the land of milk and honey, except that I hate milk and I'm out of honey.

More to come later, I suppose.
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