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Here's the man meme from Popular Mechanics. Bold everything that you know how to do.

1. Patch a radiator hose - Yep, had to do that on the cougar a few times.
2. Protect your computer - So many different ways, from firewalls to surge protectors
3. Rescue a boater who has capsized - Lived on lakes most of my childhood. Comes with the territory.
4. Frame a wall - Porch. Need I say more?
5. Retouch digital photos - If you've been paying attention, you know this.
6. Back up a trailer - Owning a trailer pretty much makes this a necessity.
7. Build a campfire - Civil Air Patrol, survival encampments. I also know how to tie a sheepshank, just in case I run into any sheep in the wild that need a good shanking.
8. Fix a dead outlet - Been there, done that.
9. Navigate with a map and compass - Yeppers. Papa was a pilot, and made sure I knew how to do stuff.
10. Use a torque wrench - Replaced the head gaskets in the 'Sploder. Molto Bene.
11. Sharpen a knife - A few different ways.
12. Perform CPR - I was certified way back when. Also broke a rib doing it.
13. Fillet a fish - Papa was a serious fisherman.
14. Maneuver a car out of a skid - Both RWD and FWD vehicles.
15. Get a car unstuck - Many ways.
16. Back up data - Many ways.
17. Paint a room - Have you seen my house?
18. Mix concrete - Oh, come on.
19. Clean a bolt-action rifle - It's been a while, but it's not something you forget.
20. Change oil and filter - Yeah, though now I pretty much take it to Valvoline so I don't have to deal with it.
21. Hook up a HDTV - Been there, done that.
22. Bleed brakes - Did the Cougar and Barb's old Taurus.
23. Paddle a canoe - Grew up on lakes and the river. Used to canoe to town.
24. Fix a bike flat - Heh. I used to ride my bike a lot. Also learned how to true the wheels.
25. Extend a wireless network - Not like I have a wireless network in the house or anything.

I also know how to:

  • Fly a single-engine airplane

  • Build an emergency shelter using just a knife

  • Start a fire without matches or a lighter

  • Quarter a moose

  • Fix a washing machine

  • Solder copper plumbing

  • Replace a boiler

  • Rebuild the carburetor on Tecumseh single-cylinder engines

  • Sharpen and balance a lawnmower blade

  • Operate a forklift

  • Drive a large dump truck (dual-stick transmission)

  • Operate a front-end loader

  • Replace the main circuit breaker in a service panel

  • Wire a three-way switch (where one light is controlled by two different switches)

  • Build a snow shelter (winter survival)

I think this means I'm 160% manly.

I think I'll go grunt and scratch my balls now.
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