Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Some call it stalking. I call it love.

When the hell did toilet paper get so damn expensive?

I buy toilet paper in bulk, along with paper towels. It came from habit when I was living with a couple of women in the house-- women in general use a hell of a lot of toilet paper, and specific women use a lot.

I don't begrudge the use of toilet paper-- it's much better than teh alternative-- but just to give a bit of scope on my buying habits, I still buy in bulk when I go shopping. It's not like I won't use it eventually, or like it will go bad ("Honey, this toilet paper is past its expiration date!") or anything.

But as a single guy living alone, I don't use nearly as much as a houseful of women, even after discovering that a roll of toilet paper soaked in kerosene will burn for a really long time (don't ask how I discovered that, let it just be said that there are certain freedoms to be enjoyed when you don't live with a houseful of women).

Last time I bought toilet paper was probably a year ago. Target had a sale on Charmin or Northern or something that was a pretty usual brand (Northern and Cottonelle have less lint than Charmin), and I bought enough to fill the back of the 'Sploder. It was something like 30 cubic feet of toilet paper and paper towels.

Well, I was down to my last roll a few days ago, and decided to get more.

I found some on sale, and the price was something like three times what I had paid last time. In the space of a year.

Paper towels have gone up too, but not nearly as much. Seriously, what the hell? What is it about toilet paper that's gone into the increase? Is it somehow a scarce commodity? Are we as a people suddenly shitting more than ever? Has someone decided that toilet paper would make a really good flood clean-up medium?

Or is it a conspiracy?
Tags: rant

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