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Started trying to attach the joist extenders. Got one up, but rapidly discovered that it was not something that was gonna be easy, because I had to find some way of holding them up to the joist while being able to move the length and screwing them in.
The short ladder was a good height, but having to move it a bunch of times did not bode well for any kind of speed. The wallboard stilts idea was a good one, but I don't know where to find wallboard stilts, and I'm thinking that I'm not exactly agile. Scaffolding would be awesome, but short scaffolding would be difficult to find, and expensive.

Not to be daunted, the marmot strikes again!

I made my own shorty scaffold out of scraps from the porch, and a couple of 5-gallon plastic utility pails. The covers are screwed on so it's not all slidey or anything.

Ah, but is it strong enough to withstand a heavy marmot? Only one way to find out.

Yep. That's me, standing in the middle. Not even a noticeable sag.

I think it's gonna be tall enough. And it can double as a bench.

I'm not trying to look smug, really. It's just so hard not to.

Tags: Big Broken Box™

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