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Day full of work, night full of social time.

Got most of the final sheathing done on the porch itself, though I still have to do the sheathing on the upper sides and the felt paper wrapping. I don't know whether I'm gonna be able to do any of it tomorrow, as I may not be able to move considering the way I'm feeling right now: there was a lot of acrobatics involved in getting the pieces up and firmly attached, and I can barely walk now as it is. We'll see after I wake up tomorrow; I might be able to do some of the more mellow things.

Garrett came over early to show me siding samples. The Craneboard is the obvious choice. The siding itself is about 50% more expensive than the regular vinyl (about $150/sq), but it also insulates, somewhere between R3 and R4. It also looks better, doesn't sag, has a lot better expansion properties, doesn't rattle in the wind... really, it's the best siding I've seen so far, and I've looked at a lot of siding.

Spent the better part of the evening at Casa de Bruno, chatting and watching movies both good and bad. I'll have to review these in another post, because suddenl;y I am run over by a truck.
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