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This was a major, major day. Serious thanks to both eldogo and Artemis, without whom I would have been up the fecal stream without a method of manual propulsion.

Windows with eldogo and wagon. Artemis is hiding behind the door holding it shut. I am of course taking the picture.

Notice the door. It's in place. You would not believe how fucking heavy that door is. Solid wood core, steel clad, with triple pane leaded glass. I'd guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 lbs. with the door in place. It might be more.

The side windows were the heaviest. They were nothing compared to thqat fucking door. The side windows were 85 lbs. It took two of us to get them in place, but because I had taken some time last night to install shims to level, the installation went really smoothly.

I still need to fine-tune everything, but with everything mostly in place, it's a fairly leisurely activity.

There was scaffolding. I like scaffolding.

The blue is actually the aluminum nailing strips on the windows. They'll get covered by the seam tape after the windows are nailed in place, but for now they're just pretty blue.

Bloody lot of work today, and I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you thank you thank you!
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