Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I was in some sort of a team of fighters, some sort of good vs. evil thing in a technologically advanced society. I was on the "good" team in a high position, and my counterpart on the "evil" team was Big Bob.

Big Bob had a damn cool car, and in the first round of battle I tried blowing the car up, and it just could not be destroyed. I remember thinking That's one cool car, and somehow Big Bob and I called a truce and started talking. Neither one of us could really figure out why we were fighting, so we decided to learn about each other. I asked for a ride in Big Bob's cool car, and he got a big-ass grin on his face and said "hop in".

He drove me back to the "evil" camp, and they were having a party. It was an awesome party, with good food, drink, hot friendly women (for the most part), and a real ease to the whole thing, which was this huge departure from the moralistic oppression of the "good" side.

I know that Big Bob and friends were trying to get me to switch over to their side, but I was going in with an open mind. And frankly, there was a lot that was really positive in the whole "evil" thing.

I managed to break away from part of the party and started to explore. I found one section that was free of people, and a path that led to a trainyard that was partially underwater. Along the path there were these bits of yarn laying on the ground along with these bizarre huge sculptures. Big Bob found me at the trainyard and was upset, but not so much because of secrets that I might discover but because I was in danger, and when I asked him to explain, he was running away. Suddenly there was this huge hand that came out of nowhere and picked up the train cars, and it dawned on me that the trains and the sculptures were children's toys, and the bits of yarn along the trail were actually particles of dust.

I managed to make it back to the main compound and found a different trail that led to a warehouse/loading dock, where the end of the loading dock was leaking some sort of magma. I was captured by a loading dock camera and an alarm went off, so I held up my hands and surrendered to the loading dock guard who came out to see who I was, but had this panicked look on his face that went to relief as soon as he saw me. He was really perplexed and invited me in to show me the video that came up on the security camera, which was something that looked like an extras reel from Evil Dead done by the Blues Brothers.

It clued me in that the whole "good" and "evil" thing were absolutely simplistic labels that did not capture the essences of either side, that Big Bob and friends were making a living in the hell-sphere where they existed, and that instead of fighting, we should cooperate to make life easier for both of us. The hard part was going to be overcoming the biases of the groups against the "enemy".

And then I woke up.

This was weird to me, as my personal beliefs have for a long time finding a balance between the light and the dark. This is not a new concept to me. "Good" and "Evil" are human concepts and are not universal imperatives. Dreaming in this vein doesn't really carry that message to me, so is it something more about the complexity of issues, that things are not black-and-white but all lies in shades of gray? And what of the giant toddler hand, destroying much without a thought?

Big Bob, a part of me, certainly. Big baby a part of me as well? Understanding that even though my own internal conflicts are complex, in the greater scheme of things they are microscopic?

Thood for fought.
Tags: dream, navel gazing

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