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I earned my pay these last couple of days with fixing an "issue" with the software. I say "issue" because it wasn't really a bug, but a side effect of another feature that had been requested so long ago. To fix the issue, I had to create new flags in a data structure that is shared across not only multiple processes but multiple operating systems, I had to add the hooks into the code to successfully manage the flags in the correct order under every circumstance of operation. It turned out to be a pretty major piece of distributed coding in two different languages, and I got it to work.

For those of you who understand the subtleties, I had to do this without any kind of synchronization like semaphores or mailboxes or message pipes. Strictly flags and asynchronous logic.

There are still some issues that I think need to be addressed, but they're relatively minor compared to this one-- though one is going to be a pain in the ass because we don't have a messaging system between the two different operating systems.
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