Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Bob collapsed at work last Friday Sept 28.  He wound up in Region's hospital.  Bob has a brain tumor.  It is aggressive.It is at least 2 1/2 inches and growing.  The neurologist figures it is 3 months old. It has gone from the right side hemisphere to the left side hemisphere which is "bad". Some of his motor functions, memory,and his personality are affected. He is having surgery Wed Oct 10 8:30 AM at Region's.  They will remove as much as they can while still leaving him at his most functional.  He is young and they want to give him more time. During the surgery they will do a pathology on the tumor to try to figure out what it is. They would like to also do a wafer chemo directly to the tumor but because it is close to where the brain makes the spinal fluid, they may be unable to do the wafer chemo as they cannot get any of the chemo into the spinal fluid because it would make Bob very sick.  After surgery we will see an oncologist who will give us further treatment options. They can only kill the "awake" cells.  There will be "asleep" cells which will not be killed and will later wake up and grow.  Timeline is up to God.
Bob would like cards and flowers or plants. He is also fond of Root Beer, chocolate and ice cream as any good Troll is.
We will hopefully be doing a Roadkill Tour to Disney World.  Any donations towards the tour would be greatly appreciated.
Bob cannot drive because it would be too dangerous.  We will be needing a chauffeur for him here and there.  After the surgery, we will know more (hopefully). 
Bob  "Roadkill the Troll" Aiken
1055 Ryde St
St Paul MN  55103
We had to rent "Phenomenon"  because it has new meaning now.  I am waiting for Bob to start doing the pencil thing.
Blessed Be
Susan  (Mrs Roadkill)

I don't have the words.


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