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I overslept this morning, by about an hour. The overall insomnia that's been plaguing me the last couple days seems to have abated temporarily, even though I was up briefly at 5:00 or so this morning.

I was awakened by a phone call that turned out to be from the last company that I owed money to, the one that has seemingly disappeared off the radar for over a year. They stopped sending me bills, the company doesn't have an internet presence, and I did not have a phone number for them.

Turns out that they were bought by another company with a different name, and were about to send me to collection. I was glad to pay the bill in full, but was concerned that they hadn't sent me any bills when they say that they've been sending one every month. Something is funky in chickentown, but all is good.

And as of about 9 this morning, I have paid off all of my current bills, I have no consumer debt, and I have money in savings. The rest of this month's income I have to budget for next month's bills, but realistically I'm ahead of the game.

Honestly, it's something that I've been working towards. I've made sacrifices particularly working towards this as a long-term goal, and I've been working at it for more than a few years. The biggest sacrifice started several months ago when I decided to divert 25% of my take-home pay into savings immediately on the deposit. My credit union was able to do this automatically, which makes it effortless on my part, but makes it so I have to watch my budget very closely.

But I'm now at a point that I've never been before. I have to set a new financial goal. I know what it is, but I'm amazed that I'm in this place to begin with; five years ago, I was looking at foreclosure.

Not having a spouse or children helps with that. Having a house that eats money for breakfast does not help with that.
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