Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

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Don't particularly know why I even bother sometimes, the norm is so low on the scale. I could fart musically and be more fulfilling than some of my fellow men, in the cro-magnon sense, gefilte fish on a cracker.

Yo, you got a fine-ass booty. Can I git wit chu sometime? Yeah, I gots a four-year-old at home, but he sleepin'.

She gave him her number.

Somehow I think my standards are higher, even though I'm not awash in "fine-ass booty". I prefer my with-getting to be a bit more refined and edjumacated, possibly with good spelling and grammar, and maybe even a college degree or two. I know, I'm getting all uppity here, and maybe I'm just too old to be all with it and groovy, or maybe I'm from a different planet entirely.

Krusty Krackers in a box, what is it about this time-space that is so freakin' weird?
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