Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Last night I was drilling some holes in concrete. Three of them went pretty easily as they were through the cement brick, which is far softer than I'd really like for something that is really structural, but needing to drill through it for wiring makes it pretty okay.

Then I ran into the problem of drilling into the original concrete footing. Something that you may not know about concrete is that if it's in decent conditions (like no wet freeze/thaw cycle), as it gets older, it gets stronger. And the original concrete pours for this place are amazing. My baby hammer drill was pretty much petering out trying to drill 1" holes in the sturdy concrete, which caused me to justify this:

It's a mid-level hammer drill. There is one more size bigger that I've rented before, and beyond that you get into jackhammers. I'll very likely need a jackhammer at some point, but for now this will fit my needs really well, as it can be set for straight drilling, hammer drilling, and straight hammering. The straight hammering setting works really well for cold-chiseling old brick and concrete, which I seem to have a lot of. It's not gonna take care of everything that I need to break up, but it will help with a lot of stuff that I do need to do around the house.
Tags: Big Broken Box™
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