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Not supposed to sleep...

Pain in the ass cold. Barb's car doors were frozen shut, so I ended up having to take her to work, which meant I had to get out of NiceWarmBed and step into the cold outside. Figured when I got home I could nap for a bit.

Not a chance. Four messages on the machine: Barb needed me to send her some files from home, Denise needed me to call to get an update for shooting tonight, and two calls from recruiters. The first was a job that I had been up for some time go that had been filled; the second was a C/embedded job.

Contract job. Six months minimum, possibly more. Downside is that it's working on a defense contract, and I've always tried to stay away from those. Upside is that it's mondo money.

I'm having a quandry about this. I did send my resume in, and I'll probably get an interview. But if the job is offered, do I take it? On one hand, it would allow me some breathing room financially, but on the other hand, it's working on something that may be used to kill people.

Would working on this be something I can live with?

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